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16th and 17th December 2021 - Thematic Sessions
The SUBMISSION is closed on 31st October 2021
Participants are invited to submit case studies, reviews or technical papers related to the conference topics under the form ‘Extended Abstracts’.
All the selected extended abstracts will inform the conference sessions.
They will be published in the Conference Proceedings and stored on the AlmaDL Open Access repository.
Authors of high quality contributions will be invited to submit a full paper in Sustainability, Conference Exclusive Selection: Shaping light for health and wellbeing in cities (webpage) at reduced publication fees.
Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050; CODEN: SUSTDE) is an international, cross-disciplinary, scholarly, peer-reviewed and open access journal of environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability of human beings. The journal provides an advanced forum for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development, and is published semimonthly online by MDPI.

Selected contributions can be submitted here (webpage) under the form of full papers.

A pioneer in scholarly open access publishing, MDPI has supported academic communities since 1996. Based in Basel, Switzerland, MDPI has the mission to foster open scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. Our 331 diverse, peer-reviewed, open access journals are supported by more than 84,200 academic editors. We serve scholars from around the world to ensure the latest research is freely available and all content is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). MDPI is a member of the following organizations and the UN Global Compact to support corporate sustainability and have committed ourselves to the ten principles associated with the Compact.
Sustainability has always been at the core of MDPI’s values, starting with the collection and preservation of rare chemical samples that started in 1996 and led to the first journal, Molecules. Sustainability has become one of our flagship journals and we have supported and organized several conferences and events based on Sustainability, including the 6th World Sustainability Forum. As a global enterprise, we see it as our duty to promote responsible practices that will ensure a bright future for our planet.
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